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Our Simple & Effective Process

Our Work

We have had the privilege to create videos for Qantas, Toll, and other trusted brands.
Here are just some examples of our work.

Interactive Animation Overlay
Fullscreen Animation Cutscene
Animation Video Series

What’s Included In The Full Package

1. MVP Roadmap

This roadmap is filled with tips and tricks to guide you every step of the way to develop the ultimate video marketing strategy for your project. We explain in detail all the different types of video content you can create, and the processes that you need to go through to produce your video.

2. Video Strategy Session

You will get the chance to have a discussion with our video strategy consultant. They will give you ideas and suggestions on various ways you can maximise the use of your animation. You can also take this time to ask them for any further assistance or clarification in regards to your video project.

3. Branding Analysis

The branding analysis is a questionnaire that we have put together to gain knowledge and understanding about your business’ core values or what it is that your company truly stands for. With the response that we gather from the branding analysis, we will be able to find the most appropriate and effective way to incorporate your values into the animation. This will ensure that we will create an aligned connection between your brand and the target audience.

4. Professional Scriptwriting

Our professional script writers can bring any idea or concept to life. A tailored made narrative will be written to give your idea a story that will captivate and communicate with your target audience effectively. You can provide us with your own script or we can write it for you. Either way, we can proofread and edit your script to make sure it is engaging and will achieve the outcome you’re looking for.

5. Professional Voice-Over

Give your story and characters the appropriate voice to go with their appearance. You have the choice of selecting the perfect voice with our wide variety of professional voice actors from young to old, female or male and Australian or International.

6. Creative Storyboarding

We make it easy for you, by creating all the designs and storyboard for you. Based on your briefs we come up with the design elements such as characters and animation style for you to choose from. Once you are happy with the style, you can leave it for us to use our imagination and create the whole storyboard for you. You simply just have to go through our storyboard presentation and provide us feedback and we will edit them for your approval.

7. Engaging Animation Effects

To really make your characters or concept stand out in your animation, we provide you with engaging animation effects with particular sections or objects to give your audience the element of surprise.

8. Captivating Sound Effects

Selecting the right sound effects and music track for your video will really help your audience connect to your message. Our team will carefully fit in the appropriate sound effects and music track to create the right mood and set the plot for your animation.