Social media platforms are known to be channels that bridge individuals, businesses and communities regardless of industry and demographic. As one of the biggest social media platforms available, LinkedIn is known for its business-oriented approach linking professionals and businesses around the globe. It only follows that LinkedIn would hop in to introduce video marketing to enable marketers to reach out better to their market like those of the other social media giants.

Of course, LinkedIn differs from other social media platforms in the sense that it is more geared towards and is especially focused on connecting professionals, B2B, and B2C as opposed to the casual networking focus of other platforms. This means that you have to take the type of audience into consideration when marketing to your audience in LinkedIn.

In this article, we will discuss how you can generate sales in LinkedIn with the help of video marketing.

Establish your authority as a thought leader
We already know that the audience tend to respond to visual content better, much more so for videos. With that in mind, you can already imagine what video content can do for you when it comes to your thought leadership initiatives. Not only will it attract attention, but it humanises you because your audience will see you in the video and not just some bunch of texts like that in a regular blog article.

I’m not saying regular articles are bad, it’s just that if you want want to connect to your audience on a personal level and if you want to start building trust and authority, video should be your go-to. The reason for this is that people tend to relate to videos better because there’s a human face to relate to. You’ll get more leads and sales as your authority and trust as a thought leader is established.

When it comes to connections, quality over quantity is key
It’s good to have a fairly large number of connections, but are they your target market? Will they positively respond to your content? You have to consider that a large following or an extensive network does not necessarily equate to the success of your marketing and sales.

The key here is to get the followers that are the right fit for your marketing. You will need the kind of network that are sure to be receptive of your products or services.

Videos are a good way to attract your target market because with videos, you get to express yourself better to them than just simple words written as texts. You get to create attractive and compelling videos letting them know about your brand, product or service.

Participate in LinkedIn groups
Because groups in LinkedIn can be separated into niches, you get to market with a set of individuals or businesses that have similar interests to your niche. While participation in most LinkedIn groups have dwindled somewhat, there are still many groups out there with active participants.

Keep in mind that some of the members you are looking to market to in these LinkedIn groups may be the decision makers in their organisations, so be sure to have relevant and interesting video content in your arsenal.

Take your offline connections online through LinkedIn
If you’re one to attend seminars, conferences, and other business-related events, chances are you have met a lot of individuals with the same interests and within the same niche as you are. Try adding as your LinkedIn connections.

Make sure your video content stays relevant to your brand, product or service to show your new online connections what your organisation is about. This will help you engage with them more and create a potential for them to become valuable leads who are more likely to convert.

Leverage on referrals and recommendations
Since LinkedIn is a social networking site aimed at businesses and professionals, recommendations and referrals have more weight in them. It’s like word-of-mouth referral, only digital.

Because you will be aiming for referrals and recommendations, create video content that clearly showcases your strong points that show them why you are worthy of their referrals and their business.

While there may possibly be more best practice tips out there, the tips presented above are sure ways to attract engagement and better leads. Be sure to determine your target market first, as that will be one of the elements in your planning process when you create your video content.

Now that you have an idea of how you can make use of your LinkedIn account to market your page or your profile, try our best practice tips out and see for yourself. In the end, what will matter most is the quality of video and content you use.