It’s no question how today’s advances in technology has reshaped the consumer’s perception and psychology when it comes to marketing. We are now living in a fast-paced environment where the market’s attention can shift from one thing to the next in just a matter of seconds.

From traditional marketing like television commercials, to YouTube, Instagram Stories and Facebook Live, one cannot argue the impact video marketing has to consumers. And why not? It’s convenient, versatile and entertaining aside from being informative. It also gives consumers the ability to share it across multiple social media platforms.

If you’re in the marketing sector and have found that written content and copy works just fine for you, you better consider thinking outside the box. With the rise of mobile usage and on-the-go lifestyle of the majority of the market, marketing content and copy can only do so much. And with a consumer’s attention span, long-form content is simply out of the question.

Not convinced?

No problem! We’ve compiled six (6) crucial reasons why marketers and business need video marketing to convince you.

Reason #1: The market share of consumers who watch videos online is HUGE
In the US alone, 75 million of its population watch online videos everyday. [1] That’s in the US alone! Think about the vast number of population in the global economy.

HubSpot surveyed 570 unique respondents for The State of Video Marketing in 20182 and here’s what they found:

  • Of the 570 respondents, 81% of businesses surveyed use video as a marketing tool.
  • 99% of these correspondents who use videos in their marketing are likely to continue doing so in 2018.
  • 65% of the correspondents who are not using videos plan to start in 2018.

Reason #2: Marketers believe that videos have helped their consumers easily understand their products and services
HubSpot’s The State of Video Marketing in 2018 [2] survey determined that 97% of marketers believe that video helped increase user understanding of their products and services while 95% have watched explainer videos to learn more about a product or a service.

Explainer videos have almost become the tool of choice for marketing products and services instead of the traditional long-form or even bulleted content.

Reason #3: Video Marketing heavily benefits from the rise of social media usage
With more users relying heavily on social media platforms for entertainment, communication, marketing and information exchange, it’s no wonder that video marketing has thrived through various social sharing platforms. And with the introduction of Live Videos through apps like Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat and more, consumers get to experience first-hand information as it happens.

Not only that, but social media has enabled users to share content such as video for other users such as family, acquaintances, colleagues and followers to see.

Reason #4: Video is Versatile
Compared to written content and copy, a video can relay emotions and ideas quickly. Whether your goal is to entertain, to evoke powerful emotion, to inform and educate, or to simply inject humour to your marketing, a video is powerful tool that lets you tap into your market’s emotions.

Reason #5: Video helps increase sales and conversion
Did you know that videos help rake in profit and lead viewers directly to sales?

HubSpot’s survey reports that 76% of their respondents increased their sales using video marketing. The same number has also 81% of these respondents have been convinced to buy or opt-in to a product or service after watching a brand’s video.

Reason #6: Videos help increase traffic and website dwell-time
We all know that one of the ways that Google analyses the quality of a website is through its bounce rates. This means that the more your website traffic exits your website upon arrival, the more you ranking suffers. This is where videos come in.

It’s been proven that videos impact your website’s engagement rate and dwell-time. Wyzol surveyed 570 respondents for The Video Marketing Statistics and here’s what they found:

  • 80% of the marketers say that videos helped increase their website dwell time.

Now, we have mentioned earlier that a high bounce rate negatively impacts a website’s ranking, the opposite is true for a high dwell-time. If your traffic spends a long period watching videos and checking out your products and services in your website, then your ranking’s improvement will follow and will lead to a rise in organic traffic for your website.

There you have it! Six compelling reasons why any business should consider using videos as a marketing tool.

What do you think about video marketing?

Do you use videos as a marketing tool for your campaigns?

Are you interested to learn more about videos and how they can help improve your business?

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