A couple of years ago, banner and pop-up advertising were acclaimed as a cost effective technique that yielded a high return on investment. As a result, sites were filled with pop-up and banner adverts. It certainly worked for a while but soon, the novelty wore off. Nowadays, pop-ups and banner ads are blocked by browsers or are ruthlessly removed by irritated web users. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is yet another technique praised because it offers a low cost method of advertising. As companies only pay for adverts that are clicked on, it seems to be a no-lose situation.

Closing the Gap
Proponents of PPC suggest that it rapidly narrows the gap between large and small companies because it offers maximum exposure for minimal investment. Certainly, PPC can be effective but company owners are finding out that video marketing is even more useful. In fact, video marketing has become so successful that even poorly produced videos are generating impressive sales increases for businesses that use this form of marketing. In essence, haphazard video marketing can produce better results than carefully crafted webpages. So imagine what will happen to a company that uses a professional operator like Monkey Video Productions!

The list of excuses for using video marketing is growing shorter by the day. The main reason for not using it is cost. However, every generation of video marketing gets less expensive despite the fact that the technology is improving. Therefore, companies are able to create high quality videos on a budget, especially when they use the services of professional video making organisations.

Another reason for avoiding video marketing is lack of expertise. Although it is possible for a business to create its own marketing video, it’s not a particularly good idea because the process would take much longer when performed by an amateur and the result will be a low quality production. Why take the chance when you can hire professionals who will complete the video in rapid time and for a price that’s easily affordable? In addition, the return on investment from video marketing is extraordinary when the finished article is of premium quality.

While PPC advertising has its place, it pales in comparison to video marketing in terms of sheer effectiveness. When we complete a video for your company, our team can then ensure that it gets posted on a host of social media networks and of course be highly visible on YouTube and other video sites. You should by no means remove PPC advertising from your plans but it’s essential to add video marketing as it’s becoming increasingly powerful and will soon rule the world of internet marketing. Use it now to gain a huge head-start on your competitors.