Warmer weather, festive spirits, and carols everywhere. It is Christmas time again, the season of remembering loved ones, finding purpose, and extending joy and hope to others.

This year we at Monkey Video Productions (MVP) did just that in collaboration with a foundation in Vietnam. We specialise in explainer videos, but we’re more than just strategic marketers, we’ve got plenty of heart and compassion in our team.

We offered a $3000 video package that was auctioned for $1600. This went straight to the Blue Dragon Foundation, a Vietnam-based organisation that aims to take children off of the streets and moving towards better lives instead.

The foundation started in 2003 and has helped about 68,000 children who have now become success stories in many fields of study, professional, vocational, and even skilled labour. They take pride in being the heroes behind the survival of many kids who were trafficked, neglected, and abused in and out of the country.

Through our contribution, more of these lost children of Vietnam will be given better lives and better futures. It will be used to fund the rescue of children suffering from slave labour and sexual slavery. It will also go towards taking the poor children out of the streets and into classrooms to acquire basic education.

And this is just the start. Our small donation will not only make this end-of-year more special for the children, but it will stay in our hearts to remind us of how much greatness can be achieved in the world through small efforts and contributions.