Engaging Your Audience with Explainer Videos (1)

Writing content, especially informative, is not an easy task. In our quest to deliver quality information to our audience, we sometimes end up creating long-form content. This is where engagement becomes an issue especially when attention is involved.

Not every reader among your audience is the same. Some will take the time to read your content from start to finish, some would skim through your content and some may even give up reading half-way.
That’s where explainer videos come in.


What Are Explainer Videos?

Explainer videos are summarisations or breakdowns of long content. They are created with the intent to entertain and inform at the same time with engagement as the primary focus. Because of this, explainer videos have various uses such as (among others):

  1. Homepage content
  2. Blog post supplement
  3. Blog post summarization
  4.  Landing page content
  5. Product information

What Qualifies A Good Explainer Video?

Explainer videos are, more often than not, kept brief and concise. Therefore, great care is taken to keep it as informative and as entertaining as possible. Below are the necessary qualities of an effective explainer video that should be kept in mind.

  1. Clarity. A good explainer video should deliver the key information clearly.
  2. Conciseness. A good explainer video should communicate and deliver the information as brief as possible.
  3. Entertaining Quality. An effective explainer video not only delivers the key information to audience, but it should also entertain them as well.
  4. Informative. While explainer videos are typically short, they should also be packed with the key information that the organisation wishes to convey to the audience.
  5. Good Call-To-Action. An explainer video should have a CTA to engage the audience and direct them into a desired action or goal.
  6. Compelling Quality. An efficient explainer video should have the ability to compel the audience into finishing the video, responding to the CTA and sharing the content.

Remember that explainer videos aren’t intended to be long-form. They are there to address the key questions or key points of a certain subject. The key is to explain, engage and compel.