Due to the boundless advancement in technology that is happening in today’s generation, variance in the wide array of terms and preferences have risen. This is usually based on what’s popular and what’s not. However, this constant manipulation of trends in technology has somehow left confusion for the minds of its followers. Advantages and disadvantages are left to be discussed, starting off with case of TV advertising versus video marketing.

TV advertising

The good old days of marketing was dominated by this strategy. How it usually works is totally easy. You mix a business, its products or services, a very good message and advertising concept plus television, and there you have it. Commercials are definitely an advantage for anyone who believes that every house must own a television set. Nowadays, commercials are not just commercials. They can be sports clips, infomercials, political campaigns and culture slogans. Whatever they are called, they are effectively shaping the minds and actions of consumers around the globe. Television has been proven as an effective tool of marketing since the beginning of time and until now.

Video Marketing

Brand awareness is the goal, and video marketing is the key. If this is the aim of companies then video marketing will definitely do the job. Ever since the surfacing of the internet and YouTube, to be more specific, the advertising game has never been the same. For everyone knows the meaning and benefit of giving consumers a “sneak peak” of their product, ravel in this new marketing tool. With the mix of a good storyline, emotionally compelling message and shareable feature, video marketing becomes entertainment at its best.  More often than not, entertainment is more prioritized rather than the message behind the product.

Videos can go to the extreme and be “viral”.  Their aim is to create a vast buzz and keep getting more audience attention. There are no visible bounds to a video’s potential with the help of social media platforms boosting and loving every video coming out.

Why choose?

Having a thorough understanding of the effects of these two will help any business skyrocket to success. If anyone would have to choose, why not go for both?