Ways to getyour audience engaged through viral Facebook Video Ad

This past year, Facebook has proven itself worthy of standing side by side with YouTube in terms of being a valuable channel for advertisers. With the launch of features like Autoplay and call-to-action, advertisers have seen success in their marketing campaigns through Facebook Video.

This is quite evident on the Super Bowl XLIV Budweiser commercial entitled “Lost Dog”. According to Business Insider, more than half of the total number of views (29 million) came from Facebook, which is 5 million more than its competitor YouTube (24 million). This goes to show that Facebook is starting to cut off a significant percentage of YouTube’s market share.

If you are planning to launch a video ad campaign, here are some tips on how you can get your audience more engaged with your video:

1. Communicate a Message – Facebook is a place where your friends discuss topics that they are interested in or something very close to their heart. Make sure that you communicate a message rather than force selling them your product.
2. Focus on Entertaining – Facebook is not a place for deep decision-making or high learning. Always keep your videos entertaining. It should tell a story.
3. Target Video Content – Know your niche! What is your video story about? Who will it appeal most to? Make sure you take advantage of the filters before launching your ad. Not only does this allow you to avoid getting billed for unwanted clicks, it also maintains high conversion rates.
4. Take Advantage of the Auto Play Feature – Since Facebook introduced the AutoPlay feature, marketers have seen skyrocket improvement on their video views count. This is why it is highly advised to keep the juicy part of your ad in the first few seconds of your video.
5. Set a Call-to-Action – Setting a call-to-action allows you to provide the next steps for your followers. Now that you have captured their attention with an amazing video, what can you offer next?
6. Use an Interesting Tag Line and Still Image – Autoplay may not be as reliable as it always have been especially for those who are visiting your page through a mobile device. Since most networks on mobile are using 3G connection, you have to make sure you captivate them in another way. A good way to capture attention is to use intriguing captions and still images.

These are just some of the things you should remember when creating a Facebook video ad. Additional tip: if you want to keep your campaigns targeted, make sure you use Analytics. By tracking your campaigns, you can determine which approach best suits your target audience and which ones don’t.