We all know how marketing strategies should be executed to ensure that a business will increase its sales and win enterprise deals efficiently. There are several marketing strategies that are proven effective in making these goals achievable. One important method that is arising these days is video marketing. A video that aims to attract potential clients’ attention has been done on televisions as a form of advertisement, and now, these are also incorporated on the internet for a wider spectrum – web users are also reached.

Several case studies have been published. According to Forbes Insight Study, 59% of C-level potential clients prefer watching a video rather than reading marketing materials, such as flyers, website contents, white papers and email messages, as these are simpler. Additionally, a company may be able to market their products and/or services through video better as information are easily imparted to people. Most of the time, materials included on video marketing are concise, thus, there’s no need to decipher the message behind. These basically prove how effective video marketing is in driving enterprise sales to a business.

Different Types of Video Marketing

Video marketing is divided into 6 different types based on its purpose. It is quite helpful to create one of each type so that you will have the right material that will help you drive more potential clients towards your business.

  • Promotional Video

A promotional video showcases what your business is offering, whether it is a product or a service. It is the most important type of video marketing as this basically helps you provide ample information about your products and/or services, team and value proposition. Missing promotional video as a part of your marketing strategy will lose you a huge percentage of your competitive edge to drive sales for your business.

  • Testimonial Video

Testimonial video basically helps you highlight your company’s extraordinaire services and products through previous client’s recommendations and statements. Positive feedbacks catch the attention of potential clients as these basically help them weigh how you deliver your products and/or services, leading to high satisfaction very well.

  • Thought Leadership

In order for you to provide the latest news and advancements on the industry your business is in, thought leadership videos should be created. It will not only highlight your business but it will also help potential clients understand how beneficial the industry is in their daily lives.

  • How-To

Sometimes, there are products and/or services that can be easily shown than explained. That is where How-To video marketing comes in. People who will watch your video may be able to understand how your products and/or services work, decreasing or completely eliminating probable confusions.

  • Product Information

People can easily understand what your business is offering by watching a video that hearing you talk endlessly. You can explain how beneficial your business is in their lives through visual contents incorporated on your product information video. With proper and engaging visual contents on your video, you will be able to win the deal!

It is indeed essential that you go beyond the boring contents. Entertaining strategies can help you engage your potential clients well and a better way to do that is by creating videos. Engaging and entertaining videos may possibly go viral, thus, increasing your chances to be known on a wider range.