Your video marketing campaign doesn’t end after creating an awesome explainer video; it’s just the beginning. In time the video will have gotten lots of views, but not just views, the data also includes demography, geography, viewers’ interests, number of subscriptions, share, likes and more. This data is usually gathered by a built-in or third-party video analytics program; its important information vital for the future success of your business, and increase sales in products and services.
There are many video analytics applications on the Internet. One of them is provided freely by Google through YouTube, which has an advanced analytics program. But, if you are looking for something more powerful, then there are other premium video analytics programs that can greatly help you.

This data is the foundation of everything, especially in the online world. That’s why many companies invests huge amount on data whisperers and analytics programs, to have the best understanding on how to bring their business to the next level.

Video analytics can guide the marketing production into producing the next effective explainer videos, which will more likely impress their audience. Oft-times, the data collected by most video analytics can be challenging reading. So, it’s best to delegate the task to specialists in this field like data scientists, analytics professionals and other professionals related to this field.

There are also video production companies that handle the creation of explainer videos, as well as analysing the video’s performance in the long run; it would be best to seek their services if you want to succeed in your video marketing endeavours.