A script writer plays a vital role in the overall success of your explainer video. The script writer’s creativity in minting and combining the perfect words is the backbone of a mesmerising marketing flick. Ever since ancient times, the sages knew the importance of words in influencing the human emotions; it’s like a double-edged sword for it can either make or break a person; it could motivate or dissuade your audience depending on how the words were combined and presented. So with the right professional script writer you are guaranteed to have a sturdy foundation for your animated illustrations, voice-over, background music and effects.

Expert script writers already have the experience of getting the attention of any audience, influencing their emotions, and guiding them towards the writer’s true intentions; in the case of explainer videos, the script writer’s ability to convert audience to leads and sales is a must, especially if the video is meant to increase the profit of the business. Fortunately, there are many marketing professionals who are script writers too, who can propel your video marketing tactics to the next level. Also, it’s advisable to hire a professional script writer if you want to decrease the potential failure due to presenting a mediocre explainer video.

The art of script writing is more than arranging the appropriate words; it also includes emotional capacity of each word if it’s able to convince or not. Remember, it only takes 8 seconds or fewer to win or lose a customer online, because of the prevailing shortening of the human attention-span due to the influence or habitual “instant gratification.”