Apart from displaying the best animation for your explainer video, voice-over plays an important role in the overall success of your video marketing campaign. According to Dual Coding Theory, or also known as Dual Channel Hypothesis, utilising both the visual and auditory cortex of the brain results to maximum comprehension in less time compared to using either the visual or auditory cortex only. Using a single channel is prone to information overload, which often times leads to boredom and not thoroughly understanding what has been discussed. Also, inefficient use of either channel will result to a sloppy explainer video. So creating the best animation will give 50% comprehensible content, and the rest of the 50% will depend on the quality of the voice-over or overall audio content.

There are tons of available voice-over talents, which you could hire for your explainer video. But voice-over is just one part of the auditory mix that comprises your overall audio quality. That’s why it’s best to hire a production studio that has a team of voice-over talents, music and sound effects, script writers and storyboard artists, and animators; this will also avoid the common failures of presenting sloppy explainer videos that doesn’t convert to sales.

Professional voice-over talents can be hired either locally or through remote outsourcing; just make sure to invest on someone who is at the apex of this ability. Explainer videos can instantly boost the overall sales of your business if the right ingredients are mixed properly. But, to avoid possible failures, it’s preferable to let the experts make your next awesome explainer videos.