Bounce rate is the percentage of users who visits your site and “bounce” (leaving your site) in a few seconds or instantly rather than to stay longer and continue viewing other content within the site; it determines the effectiveness of a website if it’s interesting or not. A high bounce-rate for any websites, especially an e-commerce site is dangerous; the website might not reach the expected sales in order for it to be sustainable. If you have a business site and want to cut bounce rates, then animated flicks like explainer videos will help a lot; lesser bounce-rate means higher potential for a site to convert web traffic into leads and sales.

An effective video animation or explainer videos can greatly lower your site’s bounce-rate. But, producing an awesome marketing video is something handled by video production companies, especially if you want to relieve yourself with the errors of creating a video, which could fail and undermine the success of your business. A top-notch 60 seconds explainer video alone can take many weeks or even months to make and a team of experts are needed just to create one. If you already have in-house digital marketers who can do this job, then that’s great; if not, then you have to leave this project to the experts; a flawed explainer video will not just take down your business, but it’s also a waste of time and money. So, if you are really serious about reducing bounce rates and increasing overall profit, then the best path would be to let a video production manage your marketing videos.