Video Marketing Strategies During Holiday Seasons

According to recent studies by PunchTab, there will be over 90% of shoppers that will do an online shopping spree during the holiday season. It’s also not surprising why over 80% of online marketers will spend more on Internet marketing during these times, especially through social media networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. And, majority of the marketing strategies will focus more in visually pleasing the consumers, which includes images, especially videos. Also, videos are one of the best marketing tools effective in getting sales, leads, and customers when run through popular social media networking sites; videos tends to become more viral, which is great for brand awareness, and expanding products and services reach.

If you have already created a video about your brand, products and services, then the easiest way to garner new clients would be to use both Facebook and Twitter Ads. Facebook has over 900+ million active monthly users to date while Twitter has over 250+ million active users per month. Using their Ad system to push your video towards the right audience will surely help in increasing profit for your business during the holiday season, especially if your company is trying to sell products and services related to this event.

Creating a themed video for this holiday season could be a bit challenging too, that is why it is best to leave it to the marketing experts. Christmas or the holiday season is just around the corner, but there is still time for preparing the perfect marketing video for your business. Don’t let this opportunity pass by since global consumers usually spend more than $600 billion during this season.