How to Make and Promote an Explainer Video

Nowadays, many people are fast becoming visually inclined, which is also because of today’s influences from technology, especially the Internet, computers and other mobile devices. Due to these advancements the marketing industry also evolves to ride on current trends. One of the most effective marketing strategies suitable in today’s generation is utilising an explainer video. So, what is an explainer video? It is usually a 60 to 90 seconds video that begins with a problem met by a specific demography and ending with a solution; videos are powerful social media content marketing tool if used properly and efficiently towards the right audience.

Creating and promoting an explainer video is not that difficult. But if you want to relieve yourself with the hassles of producing and marketing one, then it’s best to hire an expert on this one. If you want to try it for yourself then here’s how you do it:

1) Create a video outline – Basically, an explainer video has two general outlines, and those are problem and solution. The strategy here is to introduce first at least one problem, and then offer an awesome solution that will make their life better. Also, at the end of the video include a call-to-action such as filling-up contact details, buy a product or service, subscribing, etc.

2) Produce an explainer video – Making a 60 to 90 seconds video is simpler and more cost-effective, especially for small businesses. There are software and web applications that can help you with this. You can also hire a production crew who are more capable of delivering awesome explainer videos for you.

3) Send your audience towards your landing page – Many small businesses use YouTube to gain more audience for their videos, as well as for their products and services. It’s always a great practice to include an annotated link pointing to your landing page in the video. Also, make the link easier to read and copy since an annotated link is not clickable.

4) Share your video – Utilise your email, Facebook fan page, Twitter followers and more. Share your video on these websites and other related social media networks. You can also use YouTube Pre-roll ads and Facebook ads to maximise your market reach.

These are the fundamental ways of creating and promoting an explainer video on the Internet. Again, to save more time and the hassles of creating an appealing and mesmerising explainer video, which could take 2 to 3 months to make; it’s best to let the experts do this for you.