3 Key Video Metrics to Track for Improving Performance

After publishing your explainer video, the next important thing to do is to track its performance. So much time and money was invested in developing every second of the marketing video, therefore the entire video length must be watched by the intended audience, and must also convert to sales, leads and other forms of profit. But to have a clear picture of what is really going-on about your explainer video, you need to track 3 important key video metrics to determine its performance. So apart from being an artist in creating great explainer videos, you must be an analyst too.

The 3 key video metrics that you need to track are time spent by each viewer watching your video, engagement and viewers retention.

1) Viewing Time – This will help you determine if every second of your video was digested by your viewer. Again, much was invested in the creation of the explainer video, and much watch time is expected from the viewer. This metric will let you see how much time and until what part of the video was seen, as well as if the Call-to-Action (CTA) at the end of the explainer video was effective in getting more sales, leads, new subscriptions and more.

2) Engagement – Was the explainer video able to get more social media likes, comments and shares? Did it receive tons of clicks when the video was shared on a web page? Did the video channel gained more new subscribers? The engagement performance will help you determine if the video has engaged the right audience.

3) Viewer Retention – This metric is more about the number of repeat viewers watching the video, or such as previous visitors going back to see the YouTube channel or subscribing.

Without these 3 key video metrics you will have no idea of how your video has performed, and will not be able to properly decide on how to make it better. This metrics will give you the best overview of your explainer video.