video analytics

Creating an awesome explainer video is one thing, but you still have to check what works and what not. Like all media content on the Internet it can be measured, and what can be measured can be evaluated, analysed and improved; this is where video analytics comes into play. In order to have a clear view of how your explainer video truly works, you need to do A/B test; this test will decide how feasible your video is towards your customers, especially in converting sales and leads. Also, conducting an A/B test is not that difficult today, for there are tools and web applications that can guide you on how to do this.

To do a free A/B test for your explainer video go to Optimizely. Here you will be able to determine if a homepage with an explainer video works, or a homepage without an explainer video works. Indeed, uploading your video to Youtube will give you an opportunity to determine the number of views, but you need more data than that in order to decide on the next best strategy for your overall marketing campaign. Also, Optimizely helps in providing the best set-up that converts to leads, sales and overall profit.

For more detailed video analytics, you can also use Wistia; it’s a free video hosting platform with cool video analytic tools capable of determining the video heatmaps. The heatmaps shows how your viewer watches your video, as well as a trend graphs that measures your views overtime.