Generating leads for email newsletters, affiliate marketing and for other purposes have become easier nowadays because of explainer videos. But, before any videos can have the capabilities of enticing people to opt-in, it must be properly content curated. During the video production, the necessary information your audience want to hear should be included in the video; it must be well created, engaging and appealing to watch; lest it will not capture and tickle the hearts of your audience to opt-in for whatever purpose.

The explainer video should be able to mesmerise your audience to make them want to opt-in easily; this is where an enticing and winning script comes into play. Apart from providing rich information, colourful graphics and awesome audio, giving away freebies will also help a lot. So, there should be a part in the video that says they will get something free after opt-in. Also, don’t give all the information in the video not unless they subscribe for free, and get the full information after that; this will make them want for more. Thus, you will have a high potential in generating free leads.

Placing the Opt-in form near the video will also help too. The rule-of-the-thumb is making it easier for your audience to navigate towards the Opt-in form. The least steps it would take for your audience to subscribe and enter their emails the better. The overall layout of the landing page also affects your audience decision in wanting to opt-in or not. So, having all these ingredients will potentially gain you additional leads.