The script is the foundation of an effective explainer video. It must be well written to create a great video. Your script must explain briefly about you or your company, the products and services offered, key features and benefits, and how you or your company will be able to solve their problems immediately. But, it must be meant to entice your audience to respond to a call to action such as newsletter subscription, buy products and services, registrations, free downloads and more. Also, do not give all the details in the video for its main purpose is usually to tickle their curiosity, and urge your audience to want more information or acquire your help.

Here are some key strategies on how to write an explainer video script:

1) Don’t forget the 40/60 rule, wherein 40% highlights your products and services, and 60% is geared towards winning the emotions of your audience.

2) The introduction of the script should be about your understanding and empathy towards the audience’s problems.

3) Briefly explain who you are, what your company is all about, and how will you be able help them with your products and services.

4) Make the script interesting and a bit comical; this will keep your audience engaged. And, as much as possible, keep the script precise and short.

5) Simplicity is also one of the secrets on how to give an effective explainer video. So, make the script easier to comprehend and conversational.

6) And, always end the script with a call to action.

But, before using the script to produce an awesome explainer video, you might want to ask different opinions from other people about the viability of the script. Also, you can always hire professionals like us to write a script for you; this will relieve you from the headaches of going through the process above, saving you precious time to focus on your business.