Applying basic SEO for explainer videos is not that difficult. There could be a bit of learning curves, but it doesn’t take an hour to fully understand the concept. The first step in SEO’ing a video is by providing an information-rich explainer video. Most informative videos are longer compared to other short videos uploaded every second on YouTube. Having a quality video will already gain you an advantage in getting more search visibility in Google web and video search, as well as on YouTube. Next, you will be adding the relevant keywords around the video after uploading it on YouTube, and double check those keywords before publishing; this is the fundamental step of jumpstarting the SEO of your video.

The second basic aspect in the SEO is the social vibes of your video. You need to utilize social media networking sites like Facebook and Twitter for this. Share the video through your Facebook and Twitter page, then interact with your audience and convince them to watch and share the video. Remember: every like, share, thumbs-up, video view, channel subscription and social interaction adds a positive vibes to your Video, which search engines finds important.

Lastly, blog about your explainer video and post it on your website. Write all the relevant keywords around the video on your blog post, then go to other related blogs and do commenting. Share the link of the video in the comments URL section. Indeed, there are many SEO strategies, but these methods will already suffice.