longer video

Many would still think that having longer videos connotes quality; it’s just a myth. Advancements in Google and YouTube’s search and ranking algorithms can easily analyse the quality of the video through other indicators. The basic indicator of quality are the relevant texts surrounding the video, the video and audio quality, the number of people giving those thumbs-up, the amount of comments and video reactions, social likes and shares, the number of sites where the video is shared, the strength of links pointing to the video, how many times the video has been viewed, number of subscribers, and the authority of the video channel.

If you have a long video, but have problems with its search engine visibility and ranking in YouTube for its relevant keywords, then you might be missing some of these key indicators. Start by optimising the relevant keywords surrounding the video by improving the title, description and keyword tags. Share the video through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and on other sites. Participate in a healthy discussion by responding to comments under your video. Entice people to like the video and subscribe to your channel. Email the link of your video to your contacts, and leave the link of the video anywhere online if you get a chance, but do not spam.

Having a long video that contain rich information is already great, but the overall quality does not end there. The search algorithm still sniffs other indicators to decide if it’s worthy or not.