Developing and awesome explainer video is already a plus, especially if you want to use this for acquiring highly-targeted audience. And, compared to other media content, it has the highest potential on climbing the search engine results page to gain visibility. A long and content-rich video is great, but like all newly uploaded videos on YouTube and other video sharing sites it will take some time before the video gets indexed by search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. But, there is a workaround this and this is where relevant keywords surrounding the video come into play. That’s right! Contextual SEO still play a vital role in jump starting the SEO for any videos.
The relevant keywords must be placed in the title, description, tags, and in the filename of the explainer video. Titles should be catchy and engaging as always; it should make the user want to click it and view right away. The description should contain relevant keywords, and the number of words is important too; search engines easily indexes the keywords around the video first, therefore the description must be really informative. A 250-word description will suffice. Also, provide the necessary word tags for the video.

Initially, any videos will have a hard start in getting indexed compared to text, but once these videos are indexed by search engines, then they have the potential to outranked text and image based content. Keywords around the video will help boost its overall SEO and shortens the delay of getting indexed by search engines.