Creating the best explainer video for a video marketing campaign doesn’t only need the best video editing software and the needed skills to make it; it’s just the tip of the iceberg. It needs more than that; it needs the magical touch of a content curator; just like a musical conductor handling an orchestra. And, like a museum curator effectively presenting the museum pieces to the visitors. For a video marketing to be effective it must go through this process, which can be summarized in three C’s and those are Collecting, Creating and Conveying the message or information. These are the anatomy of the art of video marketing.

In collecting the information, the video content curator gathers all relevant and needed information. This data will then be filtered, taking only the important things that matters most. In creating the consolidated information, the video content curator then organizes all data and prepares the script and storyboard for the video. After that, it will go to the video production process. When the video is done, it will be evaluated. If the message of the video is perfect, honest and credible, then it will be conveyed to the target audience through different media channels such as the company’s website, blogs, social network site, video sharing sites, email and more.

The key to a successful video marketing campaign depends on the integrity, credibility, accountability and conviction that a video can present. Its goal is to win the trust and loyalty from the audience, and one-way to make it happened is to follow the three C’s.