Having an explainer video on a website is one-way to make your online audience stay a bit longer. Videos usually have a tendency to mesmerise your audience, and making them not to leave your site easily, compared with other digital media parts. Online users reading plain texts gets bored fast and might leave your website sooner. Texts with images may increase their staying time on your website, but compared with explainer videos they stay even longer. One of the goals of any webmasters is to attract traffic from other websites, especially search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Website traffic is the volume of online users visiting a website in a given time.

Also, the longer the target audience stays on a website the higher the chance that this traffic or visitors will convert into product and service sales, affiliate sales, lead generations or new subscribers. Apart from gaining profitable website traffic, explainer videos also boosts the brand presence of the online company through building trust and loyalty by providing credible and informative videos.

The final goal of digital content marketing is to attract highly-targeted website traffic and convert this traffic into a profitable one. And, one of the best ways to do this is through explainer videos. People tend to get mesmerise by videos because it satisfies more of our human senses, which are the visual and auditory senses. Videos are also easier to understand compared with reading plain texts and looking at static images. So, if you want higher conversion rate from your existing audience, then explainer videos can help a lot.