Traditional content are those information presented using purely texts or images, or a combination of both.  This type of delivering messages is fast becoming out driven by explainer videos, which takes less time to deliver data containing dynamic sounds and images. Videos compared with text and static image are more appealing in this fast moving world. And, the reason is simple, that is, information channelled as a video contains more information, and takes less time to process.

Explainer videos have unfair advantage compared to traditional content. And, this advantage is innate to humans. Humans first evolved and survived using the visual and auditory cortex as a means of communication. Before man invented written communication, the visual and auditory communication already existed; these take less time to process while written communication needs analysis and comprehension.

So, in conveying any message to people explainer videos are more efficient compared with written information. And, in this speedier lifestyle, the efficient means to transport data is through explainer videos.

Today’s technology provides such means to deliver explainer videos directly to people at the speed of light; it is delivered through smart phones, laptops and through other mobile devices. Those who will ride this type of economy will surely overtake businesses, which still uses only text and image based means of delivering information.

Also, most people nowadays are more attracted to videos as their source of information. This alone adds more weight in deciding what communication means is the most efficient way to communicate with them.