Nowadays, information has gone a lot faster, as well as the technology that carries it. Also, the people who use it are savvier and perform at a speedier pace than before. This is the reason text-based content, which takes much attention span to process are becoming less interesting compared with information presented in the video.  All the more, the world is fast becoming mobile and the bridge to information source is just right inside smart phones and other mobile devices, which is residing in our pockets or bags.

And as the world knows, we prefer to watch explainer videos to gain added information quickly on our mobile gadget compared with reading texts and looking at static images. Also, videos are more alluring compared with printed information.

In getting rich information and absorbing it quickly is a lot more feasible through explainer videos than in other communication medium. Explainer videos are well compressed source of rich information because it contains instructable sound and dynamic images, which are easily processed by our visual and auditory cortex.

Explainer videos are more alluring too because of its sound, colour and animated presentation, which gives more soul into it. Reading is like dancing without music, in which, you have to imagine the sound that takes a bit of brain processing before you truly experienced the feelings of dancing. And, watching is like dancing with music; it delivers right away those feelings.

In the world of speed, the ones who can convey any message faster is the winner.