Now that you have received an explainer video, the next thing to do is to let your target audience or the world see it. The ultimate aim for these rapid viral marketing techniques is to capture as many as possible eyeballs for your video, as well as your company’s website. And, convert this traffic into a profitable one. These strategies will not be as difficult, as you may have thought it is. Monkey Video Production has already jumped started your marketing campaign. It provides you with a captivating video that will magnetize your audience towards your site and convert this traffic into sales.

All you need to do now is follow these rapid marketing methods:
1) Post the video on your website coupled with texts that briefly explain what the video is all about. Make sure the page contains keywords, which your target audience will most likely query on popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. A properly SEO’ed content around the video increases search engine visibility and chances of getting free web traffic.
2) Share the webpage link or URL that contains the video on popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Tell your followers about your new awesome explainer video and convince them to share it through their network.
3) Give free incentive like offering them a free eBook, gift certificate or coupon after liking, twitting and sharing the video on Facebook, Twitter and on other social media sites. You will need a special script that will capture the click and redirect your audience to the page where they can get the incentive.
4) Send your video to different video hosting sites like Youtube, Metacafe, Dailymotion and other similar sites. Videos hosted on these sites, especially Youtube will more likely show on the first page of Google search for the specific keyword phrase you are targeting.
5) Create different blog posts on your company’s site and on other blogs telling about your explainer video. Again, these articles must contain the keywords that your target audience will most likely query on search engines.
6) Do email marketing. Make a newsletter about the video and email it to your existing subscribers. This is a traditional way to market anything online and is still effective today. Also, do not spam.
7) Use traditional Internet marketing techniques like sharing the link of the video on blog comments, forum groups and community pages. Again, do not spam.
8) You can also use indirect marketing like sharing images and infographics on different websites and social media sites. The infographics should lead the audience towards a web page containing your explainer video. Another indirect marketing strategy is to create free eBooks and other PDF files. Provide a link within the eBook or PDF file that will direct your audience to your video. Share the files on different file sharing sites like Slideshare and Scribd.
9) Compose a press release talking about your new explainer video, and send it to popular press release sites like PR and PRlog. This is another traditional and effective way to gain more website traffic for your video; it might even get through mainstream media.
10) Make a Pay-per-Click (PPC) campaign using AdWords and Facebook advertisements. Indeed, you will invest some money into this marketing method, but it will put your video right in front of your intended audience.
You can carry out these techniques within few days to rapidly gain website traffic for your explainer video. These techniques will also most likely make your video go viral. Again, your task is to provide a targeted audience towards the explainer video. Let the explainer video convert this traffic into dollars. Indeed, there are other ways to attract web traffic, but the methods mentioned here will already satisfy.