You must have heard of many success stories for small businesses online. However do you know the secret behind their success? It must have been their marketing strategy or a perfect web layout that entices a lot of viewers to peek in.

Well, the real key to their success is how they retained their viewer’s engagement for 2 minutes, just enough to explain what they have to offer. That secret formula is the use of compelling explainer videos embedded at the most strategic area in their website.

So what are explainer videos? You’ve seen them before, even liked it many times in social media sites. Explainer videos are short videos that explain a product in more or less 2 minutes. These videos are made of motion graphics, 2d or 3d, paired with music and voice-over that makes it more fun, engaging and effective for potential customers!

If you are not yet aware, explainer videos are trending and booming in popularity among many businesses, small or big. Here are more reasons why small businesses choose to include explainer videos in their marketing efforts.

1. Explainer videos easily grab the attention of your potential customers

The attention span of an average person on the internet is 8 seconds. By using interesting visuals that are fun, short, and effective, you will engage your viewers to stay longer and keep them focused while getting to know more about your products and services.

2. Explainer videos are conversational

Using explainer videos is a great way to let your audience get to know your products and services in an informal way. By using graphic designs, you can easily engage your viewers on how your products or services can be effective for them. This will furthergive them a true-to-life scenario on how your business will be a big help. It is a great tool to build good relationship and rapport.

3. Explainer videos help your audience retain information

An average person retains only 10% of what he hears. How will this affect your business? By using explainer videos that will engage your viewers, there will be an increase in word-of-mouth advertising. Word-of-mouth continues to be a big impact for your businesses helping you to gain more customers.

4. Explainer videos are easily shareable

Videos rank higher in Google compared to text, making it a powerful search engine tool. If a potential customer is interested about your products or services, they’ll definitely share your video, thus making your explainer video viral all over the internet.

5. Explainer videos can be very affordable

Because of technology, it makes it easier than ever to create your own explainer video even with a tight budget. It may not have the polish or creative flair produced by a professional, but it’s a good way for your company to come up with something temporary while you are building your small business.

Explainer Videos are a real hit these days. If you’re like any other business owner and don’t have time, why not let the professionals do it? Contact our MVP team and they would be able to do it all for you and you can focus on your business.