There’s no doubt that online videos are great assets for a business. The real question is – how do you create your very own explainer video? Let’s get started!

Below are 6 simple steps to help you with your questions on how to create an awesome explainer video!

1.Survey Your Readers

You will only know a market’s demand by being open on what they would like your company to improve on. You can ask questions like:

  • What do viewers want to know about the product or services?
  • Can you understand what our company offers and how we can help you?
  • How can the company improve the website?

Knowing more about your viewers’ concerns will help you come up with a better script.

2. Select the Best Kind of Explainer Video That Will Fit Your Company

Every start-up company is searching for an awesome production of an explainer video. The problem is whattype of explainer video to choose from. What is the best to fit my company? Which explainer video is within the budget?

The big questions are over! Here are the types of explainer videos best for your company! A little spark would definitely boost your business!

Whiteboard: A whiteboard explainer video is an animation that is hand drawn and erased on a whiteboard. This is a low-cost productionmaking it one of the cheapest types to produce.

Live Action: An explainer video that is non-animated which includes the perfect set-up of crews to direct real persons to introduce more about your company’s products or services.

Animated: This is the most popular type of explainer video for intangible products. Animated explainer videos are definitely easier to edit and update when you want to make future adjustments.

3.Write the Script

A well-written script is the basis for a great and effective explainer video; here are some tips to ensure that your video will give you effective results.

  • Catch the viewer’s attention by creating a script that solves a problem, giving an idea on how you will be a big help for your potential customers.
  • Explain what your business does, your products and services in an easy-to-understand way
  • Keep people engaged by using techniques like adding a little bit of humor to your script and keeping it short, precise and interesting
  • Keep things simple and conversational.
  • Before ending your script, you may ask opinions from outsiders making sure they can understand it.

4. Create agood Voice-Over

Having a professional sounding voice over doesn’t mean you have to spend that much or break your budget. You can use a voice marketplace available for you to make sure it won’t ruin your video.

If you decide to find someone to create your voice-over,it shouldn’t cost you much. Make sure to give them directions on their voice, regarding volume, tempo, and emphasis,Etc.

5. Create Your VisualsandVideo

It would be better to use fun visuals to keep viewers interested and engaged! Choose stunning visuals to get your viewers hooked. By doing this you can either create your own or get someone skilled and professional to make awesome visuals for you! With all the visuals done, now you can start making your very own explainer video. You can do it yourself or even hire an expert making sure you have a high-end production video with all the ideas intact.

6.Video Editingand Publishing

Make sure the voice-over and visuals are correct. In this stage you will be able to add more life to your video by adding motion and transitions, editing and making changes on what you think isn’t right plus making sure that your explainer video is polished and ready to be published!

Create your explainer videos now. However, if you’re like any other business owner and don’t have time, why not let the professionals do it. Contact our MVP team and they would be able to do it all for you and you can focus on your business.