We are living in a world where people have very little time and patience to look for and get the things that they wanted or needed. A good marketing video for your small business allows you to get your advertising or marketing in and get it out in as little as thirty seconds. As it allows you to reach out to thousands, if not millions, of potential customers in a second, the payback for your business is immeasurable.

Watch these five top marketing videos that we picked for you. Their actionable takeaways should help you bring the same level of advertising and marketing success into creating your own explainer video for your small business.

Dollar Shave Club

Talk about overnight stardom, Dollar Shave Club pulled it off with this viral video that came out in March. Now with over 14 million views, owner and star of the video, Michael Dublin has become an internet sensation. The video basically introduced the problem (expensive razor blades that is easy to forget to buy), convinced people of the unncecessary features that made its competition more expensive than theirs, and reiterated the solution that they offer. For a video that costs only $4,500 to produce, this funny marketing video caught its target audience perfectly.

Air BnB

The live action and motion graphics combination in this startup Air BnB video showed a unique and truly informative video. It did a great job of showing the perks of Air BnB while taking advantage of the animation aspects of motion graphics to emphasize each point of its service.


Mint.com “Financial Life” from Nate Whitson on Vimeo.

This video is the most referenced explainer video right now. Created by Nate Whitson together with the Picturelab crew, this video is a fine example of how a well-made animated video can curate a complex concept as financial management to any audience and familiarise them to the a service or product’s design or arrangement.


With no voiceovers and no live action, this Spotify explainer has become a hit. Understandably, since Spotify is a music app, it combined a great soundtrack, fun visuals, and fantastic video color schemes to engage its viewers and explain their digital music service. The lesson from this video is that you do not need to overcomplicate things to create a great video.


What Is Groupon? from Brad Chmielewski on Vimeo.

This Groupon video by Brad Chmielewski proves that you can actually explain anything and  deliver all the marketing and advertising you need in 30 seconds. Simple, easy, neat!

Watching these videos may already give you an idea about what makes a successful explainer video for your business. First, never underestimate the power of incorporating humour in engaging people. Showing your product in action, solving real problems, puts emphasis on potential customer experience. It’s not enough to have an interesting visuals, as it needs to be complemented with a catchy music or voiceover. Lastly, keep the video short at 30 seconds up to two minutes.