Who knew that videos could impact millions of people and turn start up companies into multi-million dollar businesses in a matter of weeks or months. Many brands have earned a huge following by simply posting and sharing their videos online. You have seen it everywhere–from Youtube to Facebook and other social media networks. Videos have such an inexplicable effect on people, keeping them interested and wanting for more. So it’s no surprise when videos are now used for marketing and advertising businesses. Within a few seconds, a simple marketing video can deliver a message that’s worth a thousand words. So if you own a small business, a simple video marketing could be just the thing you need to connect more people and more customers to your business or brand without the high expense or hassles of a typical advertising and marketing campaign.

Video marketing for small business

A video gives people something that they can appreciate and quickly understand. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video literally delivers a message worth a thousand words in just a few seconds. With that said, video marketing can put your site visitors at ease and really consider trying out your services or products as they make an informed decision to purchase or avail whatever it is that you offer. More importantly, a marketing video does not cost much to do. Compared to the expense of a typical advertising and marketing campaign, video marketing expenses are normally a scratch to the surface of a full ad campaign. Plus, it truly delivers the results you wanted as it allows the viewers to relate and effectively connect to your brand.

So why does video marketing work?

Watching videos has become a mainstream activity. The convenience it offers in giving information straight to the site visitor provides them the quick information fix that they are looking for. It is in the nature of the human brain to process information more effectively thru videos because fluid animations and hand drawn elements easily break down complex ideas into simple and easy to follow points.

Video Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

When it comes to video marketing for small businesses, you need to make people experience and feel what your business or brand is all about. You need to ‘show’ them, not ‘tell’ them. You can simply do that by following these suggestions:

  • Focus on an aspect of your business that most people or your target audience can readily appreciate and understand.
  • Tell your story. By using a story angle, you engage your viewers and give them a feeling of rekindled appreciation for the role that your product or brand plays in their lives.
  • Focus on innovation. One way of getting people to notice your brand or business is by creating an explainer video that gets the viewers excited about the possibilities of how much your brand or product would matterto their lives–to their future.

With video marketing, you can absolutely show the importance of your products without saying a word and without the huge expensive of the usual advertising or marketing options.