If you have a YouTube channel (and you should), it can be frustrating trying to get those first 1,000 views. Without the proper video marketing strategy, it could take months just to reach the four figure barrier for views. However, there are lots of quick, easy and inexpensive methods of promoting your YouTube videos and we look at some of the most effective video marketing strategies below.

Develop your Blog

Take advantage of the YouTube ‘embed’ feature when creating and posting your business blogs. All you need to do is copy  and paste the video code into your blog post. This allows your site visitors to quickly access and watch your video marketing clips. Creating a blog account is free with platforms such as Blogger so you’ve got nothing to lose here. In addition to incorporating video marketing into your blogs, it is equally important for you to check out other company blogs or video logs (vlogs) within your niche and comment on posts that are relevant to your business. Offer positive and helpful tips and advice. Being actively helpful in the blogs within your niche allows you to be seen as an authority on the subject, which therefore makes people curious about you and what you’re up to and gain enough interest for them to check out your blogs and see what you have to say.

Email Marketing

Building an email list is another excellent way of increasing interest in your YouTube videos. For example, you could send a weekly email to subscribers which features the best videos on your channel from the previous 7 days. This means you could possibly get three new views for each email you send! In theory, this means 1,000 email subscribers would equate to 3,000 views though of course it won’t work like that. What will happen is that your videos will have a wider audience.

Social Media Marketing

Since Facebook alone has approximately 1.19 billion monthly active users (according to the site as at October 2013) and Twitter has 232 million active users, the sky’s the limit when it comes to social media marketing. It is important that you concentrate on the biggest social media sites as a means of providing an outlet to share your videos. Here are tips for using the biggest social media sites for video marketing purposes:

  • Facebook: Begin by creating a fan page and post and share awesome content that offers solutions for prospective customers in order to benefit from more likes and general interest. Encourage all your followers and viewers to ‘like’ your Facebook fan page and remember that each time someone shares one of your videos, it increases your chances of video marketing success.
  • Twitter: Again, you need to create a Twitter account for the purposes of gaining followers to your YouTube channel and with a single tweet that includes a link to your video, you could end up with hundreds of views.
  • Google +: You can also connect your YouTube channel with your Google + account. It is also possible to have your latest videos show up in your Google + videos section.

The above are just a fraction of the ways in which you can expand your video marketing campaign. As the above strategies may not be effective for everyone, you will need to experiment in order to find out how to make video marketing a success for your company.