If you have any experience with video marketing or even website marketing, you will understand that there are a trio of aesthetic elements used to communicate with the target audience: visual, aural and conceptual. Video marketing is basically the integration of these three elements to create a masterpiece of storytelling yet so many companies get it wrong. In simple terms:

  • Average videos tell
  • Good videos explain
  • Excellent videos demonstrate
  • Great videos inspire

Sadly, few videos can be described as ‘great’ and most productions fall into the ‘average’ or even ‘awful’ categories. To be successful in video marketing, you need to understand why it is valuable and work from there.

User Engagement

Website content can be described as a self-determined process and goes through a variety of cognitive phases:

  • Perception – Reading about video marketing (Like you are doing now)
  • Appraisal – What video marketing is (Online promotion via the medium of video)
  • Evaluation – Is it useful for my business?
  • Emotional Response – Do you wish to know more about it?

Unlike the written word, there is no real possibility of ‘skimming’ as your target audience will either watch the full video or stop watching at some point. Therefore, video marketing is substantially different from other forms of marketing. Video can make your entire message understandable in a fraction of the time taken to digest text content. As a few seconds of video provides the same information as hundreds of words of text, the emotional response of the viewer is much quicker. This means you can win over or lose customers in a matter of seconds.


Video marketing offers the opportunity to develop a rapport with your target audience in no time and allows them to gain a greater knowledge of your brand. Video enables you to display much of who you are through verbal and physical expression. The ability to place a ‘human’ face on your business is invaluable. Since video marketing is still nowhere near as popular as it should be, creating a high quality video marks you out as a legitimate business with a genuine interest in providing excellent products and services.

Search Engines

Video marketing is an essential element of SEO because it:

  • Generates Traffic: Thumbnail images are often attached to videos on Google to indicate that a page contains a video. These pages are known to have better ‘click-through’ rates than regular pages. Your video can also be placed on YouTube and similar sites for extra SEO goodness.
  • Improves Conversion: Video content is an outstanding way to improve conversion rates on commercial pages. The aforementioned brand identity plays a major role in this boost.
  • Link Building: This is a method of improving your content’s legitimacy as long as you link build with reputable websites. Studies have shown that pages with video generate far more inbound links than pages filled with text and images only.

The above merely scratches the surface of the importance and impact of video marketing but it should be enough to convince you to at least look into the process. Success companies use video marketing, are you looking for greatness or mediocrity?