We have previously explained how animated video is one of the best marketing tools on the Internet because it adds an extra level of sensory information to the user experience. This is important because the onscreen action acts as a reinforcement of what the audio is saying thus improving the amount of information retained.

Animated online marketing videos are also excellent at helping consumers understand their problem and how the company can solve that issue with its product/service. Explaining complex concepts in a fun, entertaining and simple way is a sure-fire recipe for success. However, just because you utilise a great marketing tool doesn’t mean it will be a success. Below, we look at some essential tips to help you develop a memorable animated video that boosts sales and profit.


First of all, you have to decide whether you are creating a marketing video, product video or even a training video. This is essential because they all require different approaches. The message you are sending to your audience must be clear and brief so this means keeping the video below 2 minutes. In fact, many Monkey Video Production videos are less than 60 seconds long and have provided excellent results for our clients.

Don’t Forget Your Script!

While the animated aspect of the video is vital, it is easy to neglect the script until the last minute. The result is a garbled mess of a video that doesn’t provide a clear message. Ideally, you will have the script created before the visuals as you can use the words to craft the animation. We have a package that includes us writing the script for you. You should have only one sole focus with the script or else your true intent will be lost.


With animated videos, we have to tread a fine line between offering additional sensory information and avoiding an overload. We find that having two layers of sensory information is sufficient as it provides enough stimuli without going overboard. Therefore, when it comes to marketing videos in particular, you should look for basic outlines and figures as complex backgrounds and scenes may distract viewers to the point where they fail to grasp the point of the video.


It goes without saying that animated marketing videos need to be fun and if you don’t enjoy making it, your lack of passion and vigour could spill out onto the screen. If you look at viral videos, they seem to be predominantly fun offerings that make us laugh. When we are having fun, we are relaxed and more receptive to learning. Naturally, we also have good feelings towards the individual/company that allowed us to derive enjoyment from their video.

At Monkey Video Productions, we like our clients to be 100% upfront and honest about what they want from the outset. We can create virtually any kind of animated video for you but the more information you provide, the closer we can get to your vision. When animated video marketing is done correctly, there are few better methods of getting prospects to understand your message and being converted into paying customers.