If you still need convincing when it comes to video marketing, it’s likely that you’re going to fall behind the completion, way behind. In a nutshell, video marketing is ubiquitous and unquestionably the future of marketing. The billions of YouTube views per day should be enough to convince you but below, we look at other reasons why video marketing is destined to dominate the landscape.

Increased Video Consumption

According to a ComScore survey, the average viewer watched approximately 22 HOURS of video per month with much of this time consisting of short video viewing. The Internet generation has a notoriously short attention span so digital marketers are finding that short animated videos really hit the spot and enjoy multiple views per individual. The enhanced use of tablet devices such as the iPad to watch these videos also ensures that short videos are necessary.

Social Media Engagement

Marketers have found that online video is a great way to create loyalty among social media users, especially on Facebook. Red Bull is a great example of how to use Facebook effectively. Their page features videos of athletes and people doing amazing things and at the time of writing, the page had over 39 million fans. Unlike direct advertising, it is not that difficult to measure the metrics of online video marketing. The key is to use these videos to engage with the audience rather than reducing the process to little more than a cheap advert. Successful marketing is all about telling a story and online videos allow you to do just that.

Ease Of Use

Creating a marketing video is easy, crafting a great one is hard! It is possible to create beautiful HD videos on a budget with awesome sound and high quality editing. Although creating a professional video is still difficult as there is a learning curve, the process is no longer out of your reach. As we mentioned above, you still need to be a great storyteller and no amount of fancy equipment can do the job for you.

Numerous Avenues

While YouTube continues to be the boss of online videos and its dominance is under no direct threat, there are dozens of other websites where you can showcase your videos. Instead of being lost under a sea of competitors and risk placing all your eggs in one basket, you can also place your work on sites like Vimeo and Pinterest which receive huge amounts of traffic. The search feature on Vimeo makes it possible for users to identify high quality content quickly. Pinterest makes it amazingly easy to share videos with other users thus increasing the chances of your creation going viral.

Don’t be put off by the sheer volume of online videos. While it’s true that your rivals have probably invested time and money into their video marketing strategy already, it’s not too late for you to start. With a clever marketing plan, a killer animation video and a great script, you could surpass your competitors with surprising swiftness. All it takes is one video to be a success and your brand could be known globally.