In a previous blog post, we mentioned the fact that customers retain as much information from a short video as they do from reading almost 2 million words. Despite this astonishing fact, online businesses tend to concentrate on text content even though the human brain is designed to detect motion. Just look at the incredible success of YouTube for proof of the power of video.

While customers will simply skim or even skip text, they are likely to watch even the dullest short videos to the end just because it is a visual experience. Your website has a golden opportunity to hook customers from the moment they arrive as long as you can craft a compelling explainer video on the home page.

Educate & Entertain

An explainer video can establish the ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘why’ of your business within seconds and can be more effective than a dozen articles. In just 60 seconds or less, you can explain who you are, what you do and why consumers should choose you over all the other competitors. For example, a video can explain that we are Monkey Video Production, we specialise in creating compelling short animated videos for online businesses and you should choose us because we offer high quality work for a fraction of the price of less accomplished competitors. A great video will compel viewers to watch until the end and they will be captivated by its colour and content.

Provoke Emotion

Marketing experts know that consumers buy on emotion before using logic to justify the purchase. Video enables you to get creative and develop a storyteller type of video which genuinely hooks and intrigues users to the extent where they get in contact with your business. If you successfully provoke an emotional reaction, you may find that consumers look to contact you almost immediately after watching the video. If nothing else, you will be on their thoughts.

Animation, Action & Humanity

Many of the best videos online combine animated content with action and an actor to provide the all-important human touch. Having a person explain why a service is so great just seems more ‘real’ than reading it on a page. Don’t make the mistake of allowing your video to be static; there should be constant motion to captivate the audience. Animated video works extremely well too as you can add colour and fun to deliver a memorable message.


The best explainer videos will make customers out of those that don’t necessarily need your product but will ‘want’ it after seeing the production. Alternatively, they may not need what you’re selling right now but your company will become known to them and filed away for the next time they are actually in the market for what you sell.


Finally, explainer videos ensure that customers know you exist. Get your video on YouTube and other video sharing sites and social media and your brand name will suddenly be thrust into the limelight. If your video is exceptional, it may even become viral and receive tens of thousands of views in a short space of time. You can only imagine the level of publicity and profit this would yield!

In a nutshell, a great explainer video burns the image of your company and its products onto the brains of viewers and puts your business in the spotlight.