YouTube-MarketingYouTube is second only to Google when it comes to website traffic and the most successful companies have their video marketing efforts proudly displayed for millions to see. However, few people consider the potential to make a fortune from YouTube videos which is astounding when you take into account the possibility of monetising videos. While it certainly isn’t easy, it is possible with dedication and hard work so here are some quick tips to help you get started on the road to YouTube cash!

SEO Titles

Video marketing is fantastic for SEO and since YouTube is such a powerful site, creating a popular video will do wonders for your visibility. When creating your awesome video, be mindful of the fact that a great title and description are essential components. Ensure the title is concise yet compelling and includes popular keywords in your niche. Check Google AdWords for details and always opt for low or medium competition. Treat your video’s title the way a newspaper treats its headline; capture people’s attention!

Promote Niche Products

Depending on your niche, you may have a golden opportunity to promote the best products. Obviously, you don’t promote direct rivals but most niches have so many facets that you’re certain to find brilliant products from companies that are not your competition. An important aspect of promotion is to only do it for products you actually believe in. Although the lure of extra cash can be strong, you also have your brand reputation to consider so bear this in mind.

Become a YouTube Partner

If you upload videos to YouTube on a regular basis, you need to join the site’s partner program. Once you become a member, YouTube display adverts with your video and pay you a percentage of the revenue. This income can really add up and if you create a viral video, you could make a small fortune! YouTube regulars that post quality content regularly will benefit the most from the member program so fill in an application if you fall into that category. After all, if you’re creating the video anyway, why not make some money?

Sponsored Videos

You should also consider product advert placement in sponsored videos. This happens all the time on television shows where a cast member blatantly displays the logo of a company whether they are drinking Coca-Cola or eating Hershey’s chocolate bars. Traditional advertising is all but dead since cleverly inserting adverts as part of a show’s content is replacing it. If you have advertising friendly content and a large enough target audience, sponsored videos can be incredibly lucrative. In the modern era, you don’t find a sponsor, they seek you out!

There are more opportunities than ever before to make money from video marketing. It can be the opportunity of a lifetime for individuals who know how to utilise it. While there will always be a place for the written word, the fast-paced lives led by the modern consumer means they have less time to digest information; video marketing neatly provides the service they need.