One of the biggest problems facing companies that are actually interested in utilising video marketing is that they have no coherent strategy in place. They know that it’s important to sell their brand, values and identity to consumers but have no actual plans on how to do so. This is where Monkey Video Production comes in. Our team of video marketing experts will help you create a video that fascinates your target audience thus increasing your sales figures. Believe it or not, successful video campaigns use psychological triggers to generate a positive viewer response. Eager to learn more? Read on!

There are a number of emotions you can trigger during a high quality video. By successfully achieving this, you will dramatically improve your video’s performance.

  • Passion – Videos with passion have the ability to quickly create an emotional connection with a viewer and generate customer loyalty. Such videos will create a number of consumers who become passionate about your brand. You may even spawn a group of ‘superfans’, people who are committed to your company and believe in your message. These individuals are likely to make recommendations and spread the word about your business. We recommend using a video presenter who is warm and passionate with the ability to deliver your company message the way it is intended to be heard.
  • Trust – The most successful companies build their empire by becoming known as a trustworthy, reliable brand that all delivers on its promises. Although you need to be creative when making videos, your business needs to keep surprises to a minimum. Once you eliminate the elements of chaos and uncertainty from the minds of your customers, they feel comfortable and secure with your brand. Excellent ways to trigger trust include using figures and statistics in your video to show that you’re a leading brand or by using video testimonials.
  • Alarm – This is the trigger that receives the quickest reaction from an audience. In general, people have an innate desire to avoid problems. Videos that show the negative consequences of failing to use a product/service can inspire a rapid response from the target audience. You only need to find out about the success enjoyed by EBay when they used ‘deadlines’. The general public hates the idea of missing out and will do anything to avoid it. In fact, people’s desire not to lose anything usually overrides their desire to gain.
  • Power – A powerful video shows that the company is in complete control of its environment and is an authority in its field. It’s important to realise that consumers often enjoy relinquishing control and allowing someone else to have the responsibility. Ceding the power to a company enables the consumers to sit back and relax.

With Monkey Video Productions, your company can embark on an advanced video marketing strategy that yields real results. Instead of creating bland, unappealing videos, we will help you produce a high quality video that triggers powerful emotional responses from viewers. With emotional involvement comes action and with this action comes increased sales.