The very life of a business website depends on the level of traffic it attracts. Regardless of how much money you spend in a bid to turn your site into an aesthetic masterpiece, there are a variety of other factors that affect traffic. One of the most important elements of a successful website is search engine optimisation (SEO). As approximately 90% of internet users begin their search for a product/service by typing keywords into a search box, you better believe that a poorly optimised website is an invisible website.

It’s becoming apparent that video marketing is another essential part of a successful website but did you know that video and SEO are interlinked? Most people assume that a marketing video consists of talking heads espousing the benefits of a company’s services whilst wearing suits, ties and false smiles. While this is certainly true of low quality productions, videos created by Monkey Video Productions are on the opposite end of the spectrum. Our team long ago understood the correlation between video marketing and SEO. Therefore, every video we make has SEO firmly in mind. But why do Google and other major search engines give preference to websites with online videos?

  • Keywords – First of all, it is possible to embed keywords relevant to your industry into underlying code which automatically improves your site’s keyword density. Additionally, you can use keywords in the video description when adding it to YouTube and other video sharing sites. This makes the video easy to find and with billions of videos watched online each day, your production could potentially go viral!
  • Wide Reach – The aforementioned posting of your video on sites like YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook will instantly increase your exposure to your target market. When your video is visible on dozens of different sites, it is likely to rank high on major search engines provided that you have embedded the correct keywords.
  • Interlinks – Your video link will be connected between various social media sources which instantly improves Page Rank.
  • Longevity – Although content marketing is a fabulous and cost effective method of advertising, there is constant pressure on a company to continually produce fresh article and blog content which will in turn be picked up by search engines. A video lasts much long in SEO terms than an article. Not only that, viewers will stay on a page with a video longer than on a page with text only. This causes search engines to believe that the viewer has found what they were looking for in a phenomenon known as ‘stickiness’. A website with a high ‘stickiness’ factor will rank extremely well on major search engines.
  • Connection – With a video, you can connect with an audience and increase their loyalty while establishing a greater level of brand identity. People are more likely to share a compelling video than an article and this sharing will improve your SEO ranking also.

Businesses tend to steer clear of video marketing because it is an advanced strategy. However, all you need is the services of Monkey Video Productions. Tell us about your company and we will create a video that captures your vision while improving your website’s SEO ranking.