Although no one has a crystal ball that can see into the future of video marketing, it is fair to say that it has a bright future. The process of using videos as part of a marketing campaign has become incredibly popular over the last few years and has led to some remarkable results. Yet there are still relatively few online businesses using this form of marketing which means it has ample room for growth. Below are some predictions on the fate of video marketing in the future.

YouTube Domination Increases
This seems hard to believe since the site gets an estimated 4 billion views per day worldwide, an increase of 25% in the last 12 months. 99% of people who watch videos on Google sites do so on YouTube while Google Videos enjoys less than 1% of the marketing share. In the United States alone, some 184 million people watched video content for an average of 21 hours per annum. The fact that the Google drop down menu features YouTube while hiding Google Videos on the ‘more’ section means that YouTube’s share will probably increase to 99.9% with Google Videos falling to 0.1%. The bottom line is: Get your video on YouTube and forget about Google Videos!

The Rise of Themed Content
Research into the behaviour of video viewers online has shown spikes of interest in certain videos at particular times of the year. For example, more people look for videos featuring ‘snow’ when winter comes while Christmas themed videos are all the rage as the Holiday Season approaches. In essence, your company needs to plan its video campaign and release videos carrying certain themes at set times of the year in order to receive the greatest number of viewers. It’s common sense but this is sadly lacking in a number of companies.

Mobile Magic
Mobile video streaming has increased by 93% in the last 12 months. With record numbers of smartphones being purchased every day and a marked increased in mobile internet access globally, it’s obvious that creating videos specifically for mobile phone users is a necessity. Short videos that carry a powerful message will be needed to capture the waning attention span of the mobile internet generation.

At Monkey Video Productions, it is our goal to help clients create compelling video content that generates an increased level of sales. To do this, we ensure that our team is 100% up to date with the ever changing trends in video marketing.