The combination of video and content marketing is one that will lead to vastly improved sales but a startling number of companies utilise this duo in order to establish their brand. In 2012, over 70% of internet users watch videos online. Indeed, it is estimated that as much as 90% of web traffic will be video driven by the end of 2013. So it’s time for lights, camera, action! Below is a list of advantages derived from using video marketing for your company.

While content marketing is a fantastic way of allowing your internet audience to learn more about your brand, it is often the case where content is only published once. For example, authority blogs tend to refuse entries that have already been published elsewhere as search engines are not kind to sites with duplicate content. Naturally, there are numerous methods of circumnavigating this and if you use the services of Red & Black Solutions for your website content, you will find out what these are.

However, video is easily syndicated as it can be posted to YouTube and other sites such as Veoh. You can embed the video on your website, on your Facebook fan page and other people’s Facebook fan page. You can also get others to embed your video on their site and even go to iTunes and add your video as a video pod cast. In short, you can place any video in dozens of locations with ease, thus increasing your company’s visibility.

As a consumer, how often have you went online and been unimpressed by a company’s website? Dull content which tells the consumer all about a company’s 50 year history but little about what the business stands for. Even with well written content, it can take a while for consumers to get a better handle on your company’s personality.

With video, your company is laid bare for customers to see and they LOVE that. Your body language, the way you speak and the facial expressions you emit may turn off some people but it will strengthen the ties between you and those interested in your company and what it has to offer.

Be Different
There are hundreds of millions of websites and millions of companies online all around the world. Even today, when the benefits of video marketing are clear, relatively few of your competitors are using it. Prospective customers will embrace your vibrant and informative videos when your rivals are still relying on blocks of text for sales.

Real Testimonials
All successful businesses know that testimonials are an important part of establishing credibility. But let’s be honest, how many people actually take written testimonials at face value? It’s not that hard to add false testimonials and stick a fictitious person’s name at the end of it. With a video testimonial, possible customers get to see REAL people talking about your company in glowing terms. Video testimonials from genuine customers are one of the most powerful ways of increasing credibility.

Be Mobile
The number of smartphones being sold around the world is increasing exponentially. The internet is becoming more mobile with busy professionals using their phones to search for companies and to purchase goods and services. Reading blog posts on a mobile phone is not an easy task, even on sites that are ‘mobile friendly’. Video on the other hand is extremely convenient. A mobile user is far more likely to watch a video than read an article.

There is absolutely no getting away from the fact that video is taking over the internet. While content marketing will always have a place, video is the relatively new kid on the block that is set to generate a storm of publicity for companies that use it effectively.